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Case Study

DR Sports x Pledgeball

During the 2023 Women's World Cup DR Sports and Pledgeball partnered to raise awareness about sustainability through the power of sports. In collaboration with Pledgeball, a UK-based charity dedicated to uniting football fans to combat climate change and promote environmental sustainability, DR Sports executed a compelling campaign during the Women's World Cup.

During this campaign, DR Sports produced six live watch-alongs and six highlights videos on YouTube. The DR Sports team live streamed for over 16 hours with a focus on England's matches, and actively promoted Pledgeball's sustainability campaign throughout this content. The results were truly remarkable, with over 250k views, 152k unique viewers, 12.6k live chat messages exchanged, 3.6k engagements and more than 1.1 million minutes of content watched by engaged viewers.

However, the true measure of success lies in the tangible impact achieved through the collaboration. As a result of Pledgeball's overall campaign, of which the DR Sports-produced content formed a large part, an astounding number of people pledged to save over 83,627 kilograms of CO2 equivalent emissions per year. This demonstrates the campaign's ability to inspire real-world climate action among football fans, showcasing how the sports world can play a pivotal role in advocating for environmental sustainability.

In a world where climate change remains a pressing concern, initiatives like the DR Sports x Pledgeball Women's World Cup Campaign highlight the potential for sports to be a catalyst for positive change. By engaging a global audience and encouraging concrete commitments to reduce carbon emissions, this campaign exemplifies the fusion of sports and climate action.

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