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Case Study


The world’s largest VPN company, NordVPN, ran a season-long campaign on AFTV for the 2022/23 Premier League season. Every week on the AFTV Watch-Along to the Arsenal matches NordVPN was given exclusive coverage that saw over 18M views in the 2022/23 season alone and continues to produce sales post the campaign finishing.

The campaign brought our influencers to life engaging with the product around its core offerings – security, convenience, speed and safety. By creating bespoke commercials, callouts, live-reads, pinned comments and social media clips across the AFTV platforms, NordVPN educated, entertained and converted our fans into Nord users.

Campaign Results: (from October 2022 to May 2023)

Total Impressions: 35.6M

Total Video Views: 32.4M

Total Engagements: 1.4M

Engagment Rate: 3.95%

Total Activated Value: $343K (£270K)

global fan network
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