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Case Study

AFTV x boohooMAN

boohooMAN have been with the AFTV channel and its flagship show The Biased Premier League Show for over 4 years. Bringing their trademark brand of culturally cool clothing to our influencers, every week AFTV gives special offers to the fans, plus a host of special events and offers throughout the year that have kept the brand in focus and relevant for our football audience. 

With fashion shoots, Valentine’s Day specials and many candid camera pranks over the campaign, the melding of music, fashion and football has always been a recipe for success with our 18-35 male demographic.

Campaign Results: (6th June 2022 - 15th June 2023)

Total Impressions: 24.3M

Total Views: 18.8M

Total Engagements: 970K (3.98%)

Engagment Rate: 3.98%

global fan network
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